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  • Patented Front Height Adjustment

    Innovative, simple and built to last, our patented front height adjustment eliminates the need for pivot-style adjusters. The single-point rear height adjustment allows the operator to quickly change the cutting height.


    Bag Capacity

    2.5 bushel capacity


    Twin-Blade Efficiency

    The Commercial 30's timed blade system keeps te overall design compact while delivering a superior cut. It also reduces the horsepower requirement.


    Simplified Maintenance

    Its access panel makes for easy belt and blade adjustments. And less time in the shop means more time on the job.


    Heavyweight Performance, Lightweight Handling

    Unit weights more than a 21", but operator will not see additional fatigue in operation due to balance of unit and increased coverage.



    Improve productivity, increase control and manage costs with a deceptively light walk-behind mower.


    Hold Side-Hills

    Positive drive transmission holds side-hills and helps prevent downhill "run-away".

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